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  • Hand and Foot Care
    Website: http://www.yiyispa.com

    Web Page Title or Product/Service Name: Hand and Foot Care

    Luxury Manicure$35.00
    Permanent Manicure(guaranteed to last for 2 weeks)$35.00
    Spa Pedicure$30.00
    Luxury Pedicure$45.00
    Toe Cure$20.00
    Polish Change (Hand)$10.00
    Polish Change (Feet)$12.00
    Permanen Pedicure$45.00
    Extra French Polish$5.00
    Extra Paraffin$15.00
    Extra Nail Art$5.00 + up
    Gel Nail$50.00
    Gel Fill$35.00
    Gel Nail Removal$15.00

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